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The target public of the INTROPICON 2018 (International Tropical and Geographic Neurology Conference) is constituted by neurologists and professionals who work with infectious, parasitic diseases and diseases of regional incidence involving the nervous system (NS). Diseases with this profile can occur all over the world, but more frequently in tropical countries. That is the reason for the “Tropical and Geographical Neurology” (TGN) designation.
The INTROPICON 2017, held in Mumbai, India, in March 2017, was supported by the Indian Academy of Neurology, together with the World Federation of Neurology (WFN), which allowed the realization of an outstanding conference.
An international meeting on TGN took place in the last years of the twentieth century, but there has not been such a conference since 1996. During the “INTROPICON 2017”, the TGN Research Group of WFN was created aiming foster research collaboration in poorly understood aspects of neurological disorders predominant in the tropics and to disseminate knowledge at international and regional levels in this neglected area of Neurology. One of the ways of achieving the mission objectives would be to organize regular, biennial meeting of the Tropical and Geographical Neurology Research Group in different locations with an emphasis on local tropical disorders.  Research Group will also strive for representation of tropical neurological disorders in the scientific program of the World Congress of Neurology. An eventual undertaking should rightfully be the revival of the Journal of Tropical and Geographical Neurology.


The INTROPICON 2018 will be held in São Paulo Brazil from 11th to 13th October 2018. Therefore, Brazil is going to have the honour of hosting the Second International Conference in the area in this century. This will only be possible through the support of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology (ABN) in addition to the scientific participation of their Departments of Infectious Diseases and Cerebrospinal Fluid. The Brazilian and Paulista Societies of Infectiology (SBI and SPI) are giving strong support to the event. The event is going to be held under the auspices of the World Federation of Neurology. Diseases that occur in the tropics, with particular emphasis on some that have been more frequent in South Hemisphere will be addressed. In this context the recrudescence of tuberculosis, syphilis, Ebola virus must be considered. Cerebral malaria, neurocysticercosis, Japanese B encephalitis that are always present in some parts of the world. In addition to it, the newest viruses involving the NS like Chikungunya, Zika, and the recent reports about the West Nyle virus in Espírito Santo State, Southeast of Brazil, are examples of the TGN importance. Others NS diseases, like the autoimmune ones, can have peculiarities in the tropics when compared with their manifestations in the temperate and cold regions. Experts and researchers from different countries and continents will participate in the activities. The INTROPICON 2018 will take place concomitantly with the Brazilian and Pan American Congresses of Neurology. Infectious, parasitic diseases and diseases of regional incidence involving the NS will be exclusively presented in the INTROPICON 2018. The registration in the INTROPICON 2018 will also give a free pass for the participation in the activities of the two other congresses.


Welcome to INTROPICON 2018.

Chandrashekhar Meshram

Amilton Antunes Barreira


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São Paulo

For many centuries, São Paulo was a rather unexciting city. This changed radically with the arrival of great waves of immigrants at the end of the 19th century, followed by migrants from other parts of Brazil in the early 20th century. They were attracted by the coffee plantations and later by industry and the service sector. In this way, the city grew and new traditions took root. Today, the capital of the State of São Paulo is, besides being an important economic and financial hub, one of the main centers for the development of new trends, culture and entertainment in Brazil.

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